to portfolio April 2021

Hi, my new single “Wait and See” is out now! The single serves as a preface for its eponymous album which will follow in the spring. It is accompanied by a wonderful video directed by Auke Triesschijn. The video chronicles the adventures of a lonesome robot in the suburbs of the West of Rotterdam. What is he doing there? What is he looking for?

Don’t wait (and see)...go check it out!!

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All music composed and recorded by Jorn ten Hoopen.
Video shot and directed by Auke Triesschijn.
Photos by Anne den Boer.

to portfolio November 2019


I Still Think of You is a solo guitar album recorded in an abandoned house. The natural acoustics of the different rooms were used to create the right atmosphere for each track on this somewhat melancholic album that has a raw and very intimate feel to it. One guitar and the reflections of the room, that was the concept. The simple, elegant and sometimes haunting songs are all written and performed by Jorn ten Hoopen.

No overdubs, effects or accompaniment;
just a guitar.

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